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VERTICALS is a handy application designed to cover all the common antenna types with a built in coil calculator.Based on the user-defined frequency and the antenna type, the program can determine the radiator height, the capacitor, the center and the base coil.What's new in this version:*Edit functionality*Incomplete documentationThis is a dual core application, it can be run on both x86 and x64 platformsAfter installing the program, launch the application and make a new project.Simply fill in the fields:* Frequency: the frequency in MHz* Type: the type of antenna* Height: how high should the radiator be* Distance: how far should the antenna be from the ground* Supply Power: optional, the voltage used to power the antenna circuit, optional, if the voltage is not supplied, the default is to use 13V* Ground: if the antenna is grounded, enter this, else leave empty* Coil type: the type of coil, selected from the databaseRight-click the file and select "Compile".The compiler will generate the program executable file.Run the program and enter an input.The program will calculate the length and height and output the coil specifications.If you want to change the capacitance, select it from the edit menu.Q:Meaning of phone number in ExcelI'm making a table in Excel. This table will list all the new properties I've bought recently.But I don't know how to express the list of my new properties. I want to express the list by using the phone number.I've found some texts:a) (443) 852-6661b) (444) 852-6662But I don't know what is the meaning of the phone number in the text.If you know the meaning of the phone number in a) and b), please let me know!A:The number is part of the e-mail's routing information.Example:E-mail: 08929e5ed8

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